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Regenerative Stem Cell

Regenerative Stem Cell Medicine

Chronic pain is debilitating and surgery doesn’t have to be your only treatment option. At Mirama Pain Med, we use regenerative medicine procedures to aid and accelerate your body’s natural healing process using your own blood and bone marrow aspirate. Our board certified doctors use the latest imaging techniques to ensure that the procedure is performed with absolute precision.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Stem cell therapy takes advantage of the special healing quality of stem cells. These cells can help repair damage to discs and other tissues in the body. Stem cells are found in your bone marrow. Your doctor can use a special needle to take a small amount of marrow from your hip bone.

The doctor injects this mixture into a damaged area. The injection triggers your body’s healing response. The stem cells multiply. They help rebuild tears and restore damaged parts of an injured area.

After the procedure, you can go home. Your doctor will ask you to come back to the office several times to monitor the healing process.

Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Discs

Spinal discs allow your spine to bend and twist. These flexible shock absorbers can be damaged by injury, disease, or the added stress that can result from a spinal fusion. But stem cell therapy may help. It uses parts of your own blood to help repair disc damage. It can slow disc degeneration. It may help you avoid surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

If you have injured your knee, or if normal wear and tear has caused degeneration of your joint, stem cell therapy may help. It uses parts of your own blood to help repair knee damage. It may help you avoid surgery.