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Knee Viscosupplementation Series

Knee arthritis is among the most common causes of knee pain. When the cartilage in your knee’s wears thin, this can cause severe pain and tenderness. Treatment of knee arthritis is focused on trying to relieve pain while keeping treatments as simple as possible. The non-operative treatments of knee arthritis are focused on the reduction of pain, primarily with the use of anti-inflammatory medications, activity modifications, ambulatory aids, and cortisone injections. Unfortunately, these treatments may not be sufficient for relieving the discomfort in all patients. When non-surgical treatments fail to provide adequate relief, a knee replacement surgery may be considered. Knowing when the timing is right to have a knee replacement can be a difficult decision to make. Joint lubrication injections are a treatment that is intended to relieve the symptoms of knee arthritis and delay the need for knee replacement surgery.

How Do Joint Supplements Work?

Joint lubricant shots typically administered as a series of three injections into the knee joint, each injection spaced about one week apart. Sometimes a larger does of these medications can be administered in a single injection.